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very sore throat and cough

Since this morning, I've been coughing lots and I have a verrry sore throat.. Can I take anything???
I've been trying the tea with honey and lemon.. no help as of yet.

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i always have fresh honey and lemon in hot water and works a treat, i always make sure i get alot of the lemon juice in!

you can have halls soothers in pregnancy and lockets x

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Get to the chemists and get Olbas Pastilles (in a little green box). They're natural but really strong and really soothe a sore throat. You have to remember to suck them though, not chew. Taste odd but will def help your throat! X

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skip the tea and just put about a tablespoon (or two if you like sweet stuff) of honey and cut a lemon in half and squeeze all of the juice you can get out of one half. Add boiling water and stir it really well. I found that organic honey works the best because it's pure and has some healing properties. It really helped when I had a cold/chest cough and sore throat a couple of weeks ago

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Pharmacist at Shopper's Drug Mart told me I could have Halls.. they were delicious I got this new apple kiwi flavour or something. She also told me I can have regular strength tylenol (but they don't sell a lot of it for some reason, it's mostly ultra, extra, etc. strength!!).. and Vicks Vaporub was a lifesaver for me, I used to put it under my nose, on my chest, and on my neck.

Feel better!!

** and tea!! lots of water.. I stayed away from milk and chocolates and stuff like that.

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