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Can upset and stress cause stomach pains?

Lots going on today with my FIL etc and i was wondering can upset and stress cause stomach pains???

i have lots of pain although i am not doubled over so it isnt that type of pain just a painful pain if that makes sense?

Princess is swishing and moving about so quite sure she is ok and tbh everyone has enough to worry about without me adding to it but do you think thats what is causing it????

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u should call ur doctor that might want u to come in

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I was on the phone to a call center the other day and they got me really stressed, they had taken money from my sisters boyfriends account without telling me, and he asked me to sort it, I got so stressed and annoyed that they weren't listening to me, I was doubled over on the decking outside crying and in pain, once i'd calmed down, the pain went..

then I had my scan a few days later and everything was fine. I think it was just LO asking Mummy to calm down a little.

try not to worry too much, if you are worried, then see your Midwife, because every bodies pains are different

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iv been mega stressed past few days, we had the administrators in work wasnt till 4pm today that i found out if i had a job or not

anyway yep iv been getting twingy/crampy/muscle stomach pains and i know its because of how i hold my stomach muscles when im stressed so im putting it down to that. If they dont ease now in a day or so i will be going to the dr xxx good luck huni

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