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I did hun and everything turned out to be completely fine. Some women bleed during pregnancy and some do not. As long as its not extremely heavy and comes with severe cramps then you are just fine!

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thats a good sign! See, maybe it's just those random bleeds people get. goodluck hun xx

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I started having some spotting at 13 weeks.

It wasn't everyday, but 2 or 3 times a week when I wiped going to the bathroom. Sometimes it was bright red (which was SO SCARY!). I didn't have any cramping though, and it was on and off, and not enough to wear a pad or anything.

After 3 weeks of that I got fed up of being so scared and went to the hospital for a 16 week ultrasound. Everything was fine, baby was good. I also got my cervix checked by my doctor just to make sure it was closed (it was). They weren't sure why I was spotting, likely hormones and a sensitive cervix. The doctor said sometimes people spot, even thoughout their whole pregnancy, for no reason.

My spotting finally stopped at 18 weeks. I am now 22 weeks and I haven't had any spotting in a month. Had my 21 week ultrasound last week and everything looks great

Any cramps, clots or bleeding enough to have to wear a pad--I would go to the hospital. But if its just a bit, even if its red, it can be totally normal. Hopefully it'll stop soon. Good luck!

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I had bright red spotting around week 9 (three days) and again around week 10 (one day) It was spotting though, only visible when wiping, never made it to my underwear.

I freaked out (of course) and had an ultrasound to show everything was ok. It was a small rupture in the placenta which my doctor claimed was common.

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I had a lot of blood loss at almost 5weeks. Scared me to death. Went to ER and baby was fine. They just said in inside of my vagina was very sensitive. All the bleeding happened after sex. OH and I were put on pelvic rest for awhile. Bleeding can be scary!

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i had small amount of blood with my son at 8 weeks.. hes now 5 :-) hope all is well hun xxx

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i bled at 18 weeks and all is fine..its just cause of the placentas position which is getting checked again in 2 weeks. and the dr said i might have more. try not to worry which obviously is very hard to do!

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