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Stuffy nose, congestion, sore throat and a cough! GAH!

I've been dealing with a really stuffy/congested nose for the past two or three days and it's better during the day but at night it gets downright miserable. I try to sleep with my head elevated, but sleeping on my side with my head elevated makes my back hurt. At any rate I do it and then all the congestion starts draining down the back of my throat, which in turn makes my throat sore and now I have a cough that doesn't want to leave. Sometimes it is a dry cough and sometimes it is a wet cough and I feel like I am moving some gunk around or I can cough it up. Another unpleasant thing is my nose/throat gets really dry and burns once all the gunk starts draining. It's one extreme or the other. Normally I would run to my well-stocked medicine cabinet but everything I have is on the "no no list"!!

Any help to escape this viscous cycle?

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Mrs HM
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Sorry your not feeling well. How about a honey and lemon hot drink to help with your throat and Eucalyptus drops on a tissue to clear your sinuses?

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I've heard those Breathe Right nasal strips work wonders for pregnancy congestion! I keep meaning to pick some up as I am very congested and night and constantly waking up choking and trying to breathe and then have to lie on my back with my head elevated until my sinuses clear so I can sleep again

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Neti pots, saline sprays and Tylenol cold products. I just caught hubby's cold and those are what my dr said to get tomorrow!

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I had a thread earlier about my cold and one of the active ingredients in Tylenol Cold is a medicine called Phenylephrine. EVERYTHING I've looked at and researched says that it is not safe in pregnancy because it deprives baby of oxygen. I called my dr earlier and she assured me that it was but even the drug pamphlet said not to use during pregnancy so I've decided not to take it.

"There is some concern that phenylephrine may cause constriction of blood vessels in the uterus, causing reduced blood flow in the uterus, possibly leading to inadequate oxygen delivery to the fetus."

"Preliminary studies suggest that taking phenylephrine early in pregnancy (during the first trimester) might increase the risk of certain birth defects, such as clubfoot or an umbilical hernia. More research is necessary in order to know if phenylephrine actually increases the risk of such problems."

"Two case-control studies involving approximately 700 women reported that first trimester use of phenylephrine was more common among children born with congenital heart disease (Rothman et al, 1979; Zierler & Rothman, 1985). The relationship between other exposures and maternal disease could not be ruled out as causes of the increased incidence of congenital heart disease in these women. The Collaborative Perinatal Project found a slight increase in the incidence of minor anomalies, mostly eye and ear malformations, in 1249 women exposed during the first trimester (Heinonen et al., 1977). Further studies are needed to clarify these associations."

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My doc said i could take dayquil and have for 2 colds and my baby is healthy!

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