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Woke up with a cold sore and swollen lip..

.. can anyone advise what I should do or take?
I have rung my GP as suffering with a cold and really bad consipation too
all in time for Christmas.

Please help.
Em xx

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I don't suffer from cold sores but a friend who does swears by germoline which I'm sure would be safe

Constipation if you can drink it try a cup of coffee you can also use fibogel (you can get it in the chemist or some supermarkets) just mix it with water and ask your gp if they can prescribe you with lactulose it's a softener and I swear by it

Hope you feel better soon x

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for your lips coconuts oil (you can get it in jar from health food shops) its so good for chapped lips or cold sores. my stepson suffers badly with them and is actually on medication all year round to help control them and it was my GP that told me about the coconut oil it really eases the sore burning sting you get with them and softens them so they dont split and bleed x

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Hi there, I had the beginnings of a cold sore just last night. Right when I had the reddish tingling bump, I immediately iced it... I would ice it as much as possible.

Also, foods that are rich in arginine can bring on the cold sores. Foods that are rich in lysine can help alleviate cold sores. You can do a google search- but foods that are high in lysine are dairy products, eggs, soy, meats.

Avoid foods rich in arginine, such as chocolate, nuts, soda, refined sugar and carbs.

Last night, in between icing, I would down glasses of milk and ate a bunch of yogurt. I also had milk and eggs for breakfast. My cold sore has not erupted, it looks like it is NOT going to so lucky for me.

There are also other "home remedies" online, such as dipping a qtip in white vinegar and putting the qtip on the sore- something about the vinegar will dry out the sore. Also, you can put on a dab of toothpaste on it to help "dry" out the sore.

These are all "natural" remedies that I have tried. I am scared to try the creams and prescription medications.. I've suffered from 2 yeast infections and was already hesitant to use Terazol 3 but that was what my doctor prescribed so I used it.. Now I am hesitant to use any other medications and will attempt to try natural as much as possible.

Good luck and I hope your sore will go away soon!

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I had a coldsore earlier around 15 weeks. I used carmex and it was gone in 3 days. Do not touch it of you can help it. For constipation I eat fibre bars, more water, and tons of fruit and veggies and it helps a lot.

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