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Stomach ache when laying down?

Hey ladies, I haven't seen anyone mention this symptom but it's been bothering me for over a month now. Not sure if it's time to contact the midwife. Whenever I lay down to sleep - usually on my side - my stomach hurts. It's not menstrual-type abdominal pain, but more like I've-eaten-something-bad-stomach pains. I wonder if it's everything inside of my abdomen just kind of shifting around as my baby/uterus grows. I'm not sure though. It's unpleasant and I don't think it's diet related as it's pretty consistant regardless of what I've eaten.

Please let me know if you've experienced anything similar. Thanks!

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I have and still am experiencing something similar. When i lye down on my side to sleep my tummy feels a little tender shall we say. I assumed is was my uetrus pressing on my bladder cause it usually happens when i lay on my left. I don't know the exact cause yet. I've my GP appointment in 2 weeks so gonna ask her then see if she can shed some light for me.
I've been given a lot of advise that things are growing and stretching in there so being a little sore and uncomfortable isn't unusual.

You should be ok. Ask about it on your next appointment.

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