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need help,switching from jobseekers allowance to income support at 29 weeks...

I'm currently unemployed and pregnant(obviously lol)and was wondering about when I sign off and apply for income support when I am 29 weeks if I need a MATB1 form filled in by my midwife to send away with my claim for income support? or do i only needone if i have went from working to income support? so confused thank you so so much to anyone that can help! the problem being is my midwife never put any number down in my notes so i cannot contact her i'd need to go to the hospital and go to the reception at antenatal where she is and ask if i can make an appointment justto see her to get her to fill it out, so much hassle x

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Haven't got much info but just call your Hospital and ask for the community midwife and she'll be able to give you a bit of help or you can always call income support xoxo

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You only need a MAT B form if you will be applying for Maternity Allowance. Won't need one if you're unemployed and going from JSA to Income support.

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You can ask your midwife for a MAT B1 any time after 20 weeks so it may be worth you asking for one? I asked for mine cos we're applying for houses etc so its needed.
I'm also on jobseekers and have been told that once 11 weeks before my due date (so 29 weeks like you said) it will turn in to income support, which is the same amount of money obvsiouly we won't need to go and 'sign on' every 2 weeks.
I think the best thing you can do is speak to them at the jobcentre when you're next due to go in or make an appointment to speak to an advisor, and they should sort it out for you.

Hope you get things sorted xxx

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