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I hate my baby's father

In all actuality, I love him more than anything. Lately though, I can't stand him. I resent him for everything. I feel like he doesnt care about my pregnancy. He says he does but that its different for him. Im jealous that he doesnt have to change his lifestyle (sushi, wine, etc). I worry that he wont find me attractive post-baby.

I was never like this before and idk why I've begun to panic. Is it the hormones or am I the only crazy one?

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It's just your hormones hun. Some men don't know excitment towards pregnancy, they don't experience everything we do. My husband actually didn't get overly excited till about 30 weeks. Now I can't get him to stop touching my belly and loving on our little boy. Some men are thrilled from the start, some in the middle and others not till baby is here in their arms. I wouldn't worry about post-pregnancy body, you can always get your body back to shape.

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I've felt like this on and off through my whole pregnancy, I've heard a lot of my friends say the same thing. In the beginning I would just blow up at him, but now I try to take a step back for some "me" time. I think its half hormones, and half men are total idiots. Hang in there!

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Hormones for sure and there is a disconnect, you can feel the changes in your body, your OH, he can only feel through you. PP is right, some men feel it during pregnancy, but most don't connect until that baby is in your arms. Make sure you talk to him about your feelings, and explain that it's hormones, because you don't want to push him away.

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Dont worry Im pretty sure its hormones!! I went through a period of this a couple of months ago I could not stand him, thought he was the most irritating man to walk the face of the earth!!

I was also very resentful of his lifestyle mainly his going on boozy nights out, when everything had to change overnight for me he had the luxury of getting used to the big changes before they happen!!Its unfair but that is nature im afraid..

A big problem for me was I was trying to control everything and get him to change all his bad habits immeadiately...I have since mellowed out and realised I have to trust him that he will be a good dad and step up to the responsibility once baby is here, I do believe your OH is right that pregnancy is a completely different experience for men and it takes them that little bit longer to to process, I also felt my OH was not showing enough interest in my pg at the beginning once he felt the first kick he completely changed, for us its real once we see the BFP for them they need something like a kick or holding the baby for the first time to realise they are a dad...

have you tried talking to him about your fears over him not finding you attractive after baby? I have been feeling this way too, my OH says of course he will, I have been swimming and will be hitting the gym pretty hard once Im ready after birth, it makes me feel a little better to think I will hopefully hav some control over how my body looks after birth.

you will go back to loving him again!!those damn hormones have alot to answer for! xx

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