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Has anyone had simalar pregnancies but had different gender babies?

Just as the title says really, i has such a perfect pregnancy first time around with my son, barely any sickness, cravings etc, I was always convinced that if i was ill this time around then i would be having a girl, but no i've been completely fine again(which i am so not complaining at all, i consider myself soooo lucky) so i am convinced i am having a boy again......its only since asking people on here to guess the gender of my baby that ive started thinking a girl maybe a possibility.Thankyou for reading.xx

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Pregnancies are all different so you could be having a girl. I don't actually think this effects the gender. I had m/s throughout my pregnancy with my son and it wasn't an enjoyable experience for me at all. This pregnancy has been much like yours (even my m/s in first tri only lasted 2 weeks and was no where near as bad) and I have actually enjoyed it so far This has prompted everyone to say that I am having a girl Since I am on team yellow we won't actually know till June.

Hope you continue to have a great pregnancy

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Ive had 3 completely diff pregnancies and they are all boys lol, i was convinced this was a girl as its been way different, no spots, loads of nausea, no cravings, no weight gain etc but its a boy lol!

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I've had two the same, and two opposite. All girls

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