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Lower back pain on left side since 6 weeks!

I have been having this really painful lower back pain on the left side of my tailbone and into my butt since about 6 weeks!

At first the doctor thought it was just a sore muscle. She told me the more I moved around the better, to drink more water, do light exercise, etc. That was about 4 weeks ago and I've been doing what she said, but nothing's changed! In fact, the few times I did a bit of exercise it was even more sore!

It has moved more into my butt area in the past few weeks and sometimes during the night my left leg and foot get really sore and crampy (the back pain feels like a shooting nerve pain but the leg pain is a little different - it's more achey). I thought it sounded a lot like sciatic nerve pain, but my doctor doesn't think so.


It hurts all day every day, and gets worse when I sit or lay down for any length of time. Sometimes getting up to pee in the night is so excruciating - I can barely stand up and walk because I get a sharp shooting pain straight to my back and butt. As I walk it gets a little better but at first I can barely move!

Anyone have any idea what this might be? I can see that it is only going to get worse the bigger I get, which scares me! I've been having a ton of trouble sleeping lately because my doctor told me only to sleep on my sides now - I can't sleep on my left side for very long at all before this pain acts up and my whole left side hurts all night, so I've only been able to sleep on my right side most of the time. My right side and shoulder get so sore from sleeping in the same position all night!

I'd really like to get this back issue figured out at my next appointment in 2 weeks. It has not let up at all and even gotten worse at times from 6 weeks-16 weeks so far.... I need to know what it is!!

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I’ve had this too but on the right side. My pain has been off and on however. More so when I’m very active. My doctor just told me it was normal.. Said it is worse right around now... We are about the same in our pregnancy. She told me it would get better and that it was because of the hormone relaxin.....

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It sounds like sciatica to me.. I could barely walk for weeks.. then was put on temporary bedrest for a week and by the end of it the pain was gone.. just trying to not aggravate it again!

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I have this too! I pretty much hurt all the time. I went for a prenatal massage and it helped sooooo much. Now I go monthly.

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