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26 weeks-Is it normal to be so so tired?

I just can't seem to shake it. Am tired from morning until night!

I have a toddler, a part time job and a husband who works shifts so i do have a busy life, but come on now. I am only 26 weeks!

I don't remember being like this last time.

Anyone else?

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I'm yawning as we speak. My sleep is more disturbed, as I need to pee about 7 times a night and keep waking myself up with painful hips. I also work full-time, so I am expecting to be exhausted all the time!

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I have recently been REALLY exhausted. Just the past few weeks. I could quite happily have a nap every afternoon if there was a way!
I look after my toddler full-time so i can imagine that having a job as well would really take every last bit out of me, so i do feel for you!!

My little boy also seems to be going through some weird sleep regression thing so if im not waking up to him every hour or so im waking up to wee or because i've gotten uncomfy etc. Very annoying!

I'll probably be moaning that im even more tired when LO finally gets here though..hehehehehe

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I've been exhausted through most of this pregnancy, and this week has been no exception! My OB says it's normal, but it can't hurt to get your iron levels checked if you're concerned. I almost wish I were anemic just so I had a fixable reason for being so freaking tired all the time.

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I would have your iron levels checked. A good quick check is to pull down the bottom part of your eye 'lid' - where you put on liner - and check the colour. If it's a nice, healthy red then you're probably ok. If it's pale then you are probably low on iron. Not as good as a blood test, lol! Also being breathless is a sign too.

Other than that, I'd say it can be normal. You sound busy, working and having a toddler while being pregnant must be exhausting. I am nearly 26 weeks and had the tiredness under control as my 5 year old was in school but now the school is shut due to snow and I'm falling asleep every day due to keeping her occupied. I must go to bed actually...

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