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Yep just to reiterate, ketones are a by product of your body burning fat, so if there are a high level of ketones in your urine it means you are likely to be dehydrated & hungry!
In non pregnant land, ketones in the urine can be seen as a sign that your diets are working as the lady above so rightly says, but in pregnancy you don't wanna be burning that fat so ideally you want no ketones..

Keep a bottle of water to hand and drink drink drink!


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I would try not to worry too much, I had ketones in my urine after vomitting a few times with an infection recently. I was pretty badly sick over about 12h and was throwing up bile (nice!) a lot so it's possible for results to fluctuate very quickly.

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If it doesn't improve hun, ring the hospital. I have hyperemesis and the hospital told me any time I have ketones I have to be re-admitted x

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