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I am in SUCH a bad mood

And I really don't know how to get out of it.

First my OH was bitching aboout whats for tea and where it was and that it wasn't what he wanted... well he should have been awake when dinner was made then instead of sleeping all day when I tried to wake him up twice!

And in 3 weeks I'm getting married. I've got a friend who's very disabled and needs a hoist to move from her bed to wheelchair. She's known since about September that I'm getting married and that she needed to hire a hoist. But its got left and left and now she can't get one. I have reminded her so many times that it must be in triple figures. I also got her a list of places near here off the internet to phone. Last week I had to confirm numbers for the wedding. She avoided me all week because she didn't want to tell me (although I already suspected this would happen.) Finally we spoke about it and she apologised and said she know realised I know her better than she thought, blah blah blah and that she had a few more places to try to get a hoist and she'd let me know asap.
So guess what? Her FRIEND lets me know on facebook about 4 or 5 days later that she can't get one. Now I wouldn't mind but I've gone so out of my way to accomodate her. I asked one of my carers if they would work the day of my wedding to look after her, and I booked a room in the hotel for 2 nights for her. I sorted out a bedroom in the flat so there would be enough room for a hoist because she wanted to stay a week and I waited an EXTRA WEEK to confirm numbers for her... And she can't even let me know she can't come, knowing that I'm expecting to be told she can't anyway. I'm so angry. And now she isn't replying to any of my messages and if I phone her I will just lose it with her.

Sorry I just needed a rant

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I can totally understand where you are coming from... You went so out of ur way for her in so many instances the least she could have done is rung around early enough to get a hoist or at least told u in a timely manner she could not make it...

I hope you guys sort it out and i can understand why u are in a bad mood

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Weddings are stressful enough as it is, try not to let it get you down hun your day will be amazing! It is quite inconsiderate though that she didn't let you know, not fair on you at all.

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Aww hun, Im sorry you are having to have all this extra stress, after everything you did for her the least she could do was tell you and now to ignore you is really bad, I don't blame you for being angry. Just try and think of your big day and how amazing it is going to be, hope you have a great day, take care XX

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