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Has anyone experienced vaginal pain after an internal exam?

After the sharp shooting pains down below continued and started to get worse, I saw my GP yesterday. She did an external examination and said I looked very red and swollen so much so, that she transferred me to my local maternity assessment unit that afternoon.

I got seen and the doctor performed an internal exam with her fingers and said she couldn't see anything too severe, and I heard my baby's heartbeat so everything is ok, phew! . they sent some swabs off for testing and I get results next week.

However, she did a lot of prodding about during the internal examination and ever since I have been really sore constantly 'downstairs'. Constant burning, and yellow discharge (which of course does sound like an infection), with the odd shooting pain, but it has only been this bad since the examination!

I only went to the doc with sharp shooting pains and ended up as sore as this

Anyone else been sore after an internal? I thought it would have been better today but it's not.

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ive had 3 during my pregnancy so far with the speculum

i was sore after all of them its quite normal. you will get some extra discharge after as a result of the lubrication and sometimes it ummm 'dislodges' your normal fluids etc.

sometimes it can get really inflamed and sore around there due to increased blood flow. i often complain ive got sore lady bits lol x

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I had an internal done last week after I noticed a tiny bit of spotting. I have to say I did feel quite uncomfortable afterwards. Nothing like what you are describing though. I just felt slightly "stretched" down there! x

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