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14 DPO, got my BFP yesterday on FRER but now line is getting lighter. Any advice?

This was my 1st cycle trying to conceive. Yesterday I was 13 DPO and I finally got a very faint line in the morning on a FRER. Took another FRER in the afternoon and the line was darker. Took a digital and it also said I was pregnant. I was so excited! Took another digital this morning, got a positive result. I took another FRER this morning and this afternoon and both lines were slightly lighter than yesterday afternoon's line. I feel so helpless, Should I be worried?

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Hi Hun,

My main advice would be to leave it a couple of days and then test again. If you tests daily you may be noticing changes that arent there.

I dont want to upset you but if it is a chemical pregnancy then it will slowly fade to BFN. Chemicals are very common- this is the problem that technology has given us. Now that we can test sooooo early we find we are pregnant and then have chemicals whereas we would never have known before.

I hope it inplants however and your lines get darker!

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I agree! And sometimes the dye in the test can be less. Wait a day or 2! Gl!

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