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That's what I'd guessed, though you never know!

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mum had 5 pregnancies that only came up on an ultrasound. no hpts turned pink and no bloods showed enough hcg to be viable. she was 5 months with me when they sent her for a scan and saw me bopping away in there

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Originally Posted by srm0421 View Post
My aunt did have this happen and she swore she was pregnant but the tests all said no so she went to the drs, they did urine and wouldn't do bloods unless urine came back positive, she didn't have a period for 4 months, grew a little belly walked into the drs and said "If I am not pregnant what the hell is this" They did a scan and sure enough 4 almost 5 months pregnant.
That happened to a girl in my work too. Cept she was almost 7 months by the time she got ANY antenatal care. Bit disgusting really.

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