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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Assured dollar tree tests

Has anybody gotten a positive BFP after the time limit? I just want to know if it is common or not... because I took a test and saw nothing and threw it away. After a while I checked it again and there's an obvious BFP.

I know it is the worse thing ever to check tests after the time limit but this has never happened where it was a BFP after the time limit for me.

btw, I am 13dpo and I've had on and off light brown spotting since yesterday.

(image is below, top one was taken early this afternoon and bottom one I took just now, what gives?)


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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Those look like real positives to me and with Dollar tests you can read them up to 30 minutes after you pee.

I say get a Walmart cheapie to confirm and call your doctor!

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I also think they are Take another test to be sure hun.

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I have used many Dollar Tree tests and never experienced any sort of evap. And I will also say that even my faintest BFP's (7-9 dpo) got a lot darker after the time limit. Keep testing! My friends and I all swear by those tests

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Hey, did you turn out to be pregnant? My Assured tests look fairly similar. There wasn't anything within 5 minutes but when I looked a bit later (less than 30 min) there was a line the same color as the control, just fainter. I took one last night and one today and all the same thing. I'm going nuts! lol

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