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Soooo go with your gut instinct!

I recently done another thread called opk experiment and stated that my body was telling me im pregnant. I was in fact right. And people may think I'm insane but from 1dpo the day after conception I knew I was pregnant. Gut feeling but also the different symptoms to what im used to.

Also 10miu Ic cheapes are not all that fab! I've had three bfps on frer a bfp on boots own early test and a pregnant 1-2 on clear blue digital. Granted im only around 10dpo but the 10miu cheapes or home bargains are still not picking it up lol.

From 1dpo I had sore boobs mostly in centre I never have sore breasts this early only ever couple days before AF. 3 dpo sore breasts continue can't cwtch anyone with having agony tingling nipples agony taking bra off.
5-8 dpo pain in ovary and period cramps on and off

The biggest thing for me apart from gut instinct was the tiredness! From around 3dpo I was napping more and couldn't keep my eyes open i said to my OH if I had a million pound Id bet it that im pregnant

8-10 dpo dizzy spells slight nausea on and off and cramping now and again

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I know exactly how you felt! I wouldn't say I knew from 1dpo, but definitely around 3dpo, I knew something was up. I have never had sore breasts like that before, only sore nipples and I was sleeping almost all the time. I just didn't feel quite like myself and in the back of my head, I knew I was pregnant but didn't want to admit it in fear of jinxing myself.

I tested at 8dpo and got a bfn(no idea why I tested so early! LOL). I skipped the next day and then tested again at 10dpo where I got a squinter on a 25mIU/ml IC, a frer and a digi with week indicator (1-2 weeks).




I'm now 25 weeks along with my first child!

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