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a question for those who have used wondfo and other tests

when you used wondfo, did it show positive (no matter how faint) before other test brands showed positive at all?

for my experience, wondfo does detect hcg as low as 5 and 6. it really does despite the 25miu printed on the website. i had a positive with it just 7 days after i had unprotected sex the first time. 7 ;D and with the same urine cup, which was no urine hold at all btw, i got a near negative but barely there positive on frer. 12 hrs later the darkness of pink doubled on my wondfos.

they r my go to tests but i do wonder if anyone had gotten positive on them but negative on other brands with same urine or in same day? i know that if i wasnt such a poas addict line eyer i wulda called the frer negative for sure.

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My sister used this brand and it gave her two clear bfps while the frer was more on the squinter side.

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