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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Originally Posted by ElmoBumpToBe View Post
I'm so sorry Hun the struggle is so real, I was ttc for two years for this baby after a vasectomy reversal and it was torture and that was with already having children, I can only imagine how hard the journey is before you have any children. Really routing for you for next month xx
Thank you. Next month may be our last month for a little while because we're doing Femara. I was doing a lot worse last year - we'd been TTC for 3 years and 8 months before we ever saw any sort of line on a test. It sucks we had a M/C but we at least know DH's sperm found one of my eggs.

Originally Posted by Lost7 View Post
I'm so sorry Hun, I wasted so much money on tests over the 19 months I tried. Even with stark white tests I'd keep testing in hope, even when AF came I'd convince myself it's just a heavy implant.

Hoping the temp drop is a late implantation for you
Thanks. I know what you mean - I do the same.

That would be lovely, but implantation on 13dpo isn't a good sign, I've heard.

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