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I see the line but I don't trust it. I literally went through 20 or more those tests before this pregnancy. I kept getting faint lines & wasn't pregnant. Try a pink dye test, it should give you a more definitive answer. Good luck!

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i really think thats the start of your bfp

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I think its a bfp x

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Looks like a good start, but you mentioned you didn't have your period since January 17th, that means you should be around 8-9weeks pregnant. The line should be a lot darker by now then. I kept getting faint lines with clear blue and I wasn't. Try the the pink dye. I think it looks positive though. Fingers crossed for you.

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Looks like a maybe ... is the line blue to the eye? When are you retesting? Good luck x

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It looks positive to it darker than the previous test? I haven't gotten lines on cb without being pg, but got lines on frer when not pg lol but since you're getting the same result, maybe try a different brand?

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