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I was 12 weeks off cerazette and had done a few tests. Looking back now I had very sore nipples but at the time I didn't think I was pregnant as I hadn't even had a period yet. I also had cramps but thought it was my period coming. I took a test at about 4 weeks and it was super positive xx

Good luck xxx

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Mrs. MB
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I was already a part of these forums when I got my BFP and I remember posting that I had ZERO symptoms. Looking back I had symptoms that mimicked a cold. Scratchy throat and stuffy nose. I also generally felt like I was tired and just wanted to go to sleep. Literally, the day before my BFP I was complaining to my FIL that I had a cold and I couldn't believe it because I just had one. Also two days before BFP I had a glass of red wine after dinner and damn near puked my guts out. I definitely had no inkling I was pregnant.

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laila 44
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Dd1- I remember feeling hot. It was November and I was outside without any jacket and it was freezing. I also tested negative on a beta hcg blood test that my dr did out of my routine annual blood test. 3 days later at 11dpo I had a solid line on frer. I tested cause I felt unusually dizzy.

Dd2- we were away at our beach house in miami and i clearly remember smelling someone spray sunscreen from a mile away while on the beach. I literally ran to the corner store and bought a frer and bfp at 8dpo!

Dd3- decided to ttc first month (same as other 2) and took a test daily from 8dpo and on. Tested negative until 11-12dpo and had a faint line on frer. Had a bad sore throat and felt drunk on one martini...

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I had no idea I was pregnant with my first. At all. I took a test only because it was found in a cupboard and was close to expiring, so I used it.

With Sophie I just had a gut feeling.

With Emma, I had mild cramping and pinching 9dpo. I just knew I was pregnant.

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DS: I started having pg symptoms (nausea, fatigue, sore boobs) around CD21 but a blood test on CD28 was negative according to the dr. My symptoms disappeared after that so I figured my cycle was going weird again. Two weeks later, AF still hadn't come but I had had cramping off/on during that time so I decided to take a test to prove to myself that I wasn't pg. (I'd had a few cycles were I randomly got a 6-7 week cycle instead of my usual 4 week one.) To my utter shock, it came back bfp.

DD: I tested randomly the night before AF was due because I had a test left over from the ov kit I bought that month. I wasn't feeling any symptoms so I just dipped the strip, left it, and went to bed. It was bfp the next morning but I figured it was because I was looking after the time limit. To confirm it was a weird test, I used another cheapie I had on hand and it came back bfp.

LO: I had no symptoms and wasn't expecting it at all but there'd been opportunity that cycle so I used a cheapie test at 11dpo. It was a vv faint line so I used an FRER. That too had a faint line on it but I still wasn't convinced so I took a CB digi. That came back Pregnant 1-2. I couldn't believe it because I'd never gotten a bfp before 13dpo before.

Baby #4-I'd been tested at 9dpo and it was negative so I figured I was out that month. A few days later, I wasn't feeling any symptoms, had normal PMS and pre-AF cramping, but my kids tore open the wrapper on my last CB digi and I couldn't waste it so I peed on it. I figured since it was evening, I'd just gone pee an hour before, I wasn't expecting AF for another 3 days, and I'd been drinking water all day that it was FOR SURE going to be bfn. The 'Pregnant' popped up and I kept waiting for the 'Not' to show up too but '1-2 weeks' came up instead. Looking at the calendar once the shock wore off, I realized that I wasn't 3 days out from AF but I was actually almost 2 days LATE! I'm now 21 weeks.

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I had a stabbing like pain in my ovaries that didn't go away from the second I o'd until my bfp so just kind of knew something was different,nothing else changed until about 16dpo when my boobs got so sore I could've cried xx

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Amazing thank you ladies !, I keep getting on and of af backache and cramps !, I done a workout earlier and the cramps was so intense for a few minutes, I'm still awaiting my pre af sore boobs, but nothing so far, the cramps keep telling me af is on its way , but I guess time will tell now, 🤞🏻

I love reading these stories !, so keep them coming 😀

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With my son I'd been off the pill around 6 weeks. Tested because I had a 3 day hangover which is unusual for me. I didn't expect to be pregnant so quickly and was really shocked!

With 3 of my losses I started to feel nauseous and was on the pill. I was spotting which was very unusual for me so tested and got very faint bfp. Lost a few days later. With my 4th loss I got the implant in but felt off. Nurse advised me to test and I was pregnant. Lost at 8 weeks.

With this baby I came off the implant and had my period a few weeks later. We were trying but not serious - I was taking prenatal vitamins but no temping or anything. Wasn't really tracking my period either as I'd only had the one bleed.. I tested around 11 dpo with a cheapie and saw a faint line, I only tested because I was shattered and felt odd. Just a gut feeling. By oh didn't believe me so I did a digi at 12 dpo and it confirmed it

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Tested 11dpo was negative. 12 DPO very faint positive. Didn't know or expect it just hoped like I have every month for 7 years! First symptom looking back was one boob hurting like hell lol!!!

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With my first, I fell pregnant after being off the pill 6weeks ( we were TTC after 9.5 years on the pill) I was positive my period was about to start, usual af cramps and pms symptoms. Even though I was throwing up and felt nauseous, they were so similar I wasn't convinced lol. My morning sickness started early with my first. I did test 2 days before my period was due, bfn. Tested again at 2 days late and 4 days late, both blazing bfp's!

Me and my partner have been ntnp the past few months and decided recently to start ttc again in a month or two but my period is 1 day late this month so took a test today, bfp! So shocked ecspically as was convinced again af was on the way with bad menstraul cramps.

Good luck, I hope your bfp is just round the corner

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