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First babe, girl, I had some strong fatigue. Feeling hot. But otherwise, no major symptoms. Faint positive at 7dpo and a dark positive at 8dpo!

Second babe, another girl, only had a pinch at 6dpo, uterus felt "full" and was kind of moody starting around 5dpo. BFP at 9dpo!

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Thank you so much for these posts!, still have on and of cramps but my boobs still ain't sore ! , let the testing commence starting Monday and keep these post rolling in !, I love reading them , and congrats on your bfp's, new and old 😘 Xx

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I noticed actually that every month I was due for af my boobs were sore but when I got my bfp they never hurt at all until after missed af xx

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Well first time I took a test and it was positive I just had a hunch. Like I went to pee and all of a sudden I was like "I'm going to take this test..." BAM I was preggars!

I just recently found out I was pregnant again (my son is 4 months old). All along I'd been having symptoms but didn't put 2 and 2 together until I realized my period should have been on and it wasn't. Took a test yesterday and got my BFP! In retrospect I had been napping A LOT more and going to bed earlier and sleeping a long time. I had also been getting requent migraines. Oh, and when I'd wake up I'd feel unrested and kinda unwell- like belly queasy and slight headaches.

I'm 4 weeks 1 day today

**EDIT OH I also was having some pretty severe sharp pains like two weeks ago. Like 2 days of sharp pains on my left side where my remaining ovary is (I had the right removed due to endometriosis and an adhesion), 1 day of constant dull throbbing, and then two days of on and off dull pain. I went to the obgyn and got an ultrasound where the said it looked like I had a corpus lutem cyst that ruptured. They said the pain I was feeling wasn't going to go away completely until the fluid behind my uterus was gone. Guess that was the pregnancy getting started!

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