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Mum (Mom)
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First response line dissapearing

Hi Ladies,

I done a FR yesterday mid afternoon was only around 9dpo. Something was catching my eye but nothing obvious so put it down to me seeing the test strip. So this morning i took another FR using fmu and as soon as my urine went across a super faint but visible line came up and lasted for about 3 minutes then just disappeared. It was in the right place for a positive and i could see it even more when i held it up to the light.

Has anyone had this before. Could i just be too early for a clear positive to stay at only around 10dpo?

Feel like im going mad now lol.

Thanks x

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Could just be very early good luck

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Mum (Mom)
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In my experience this was just the dye going by antibody strip

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I experienced that but unfortunately it was a chemical Hopefully yours will be more stronger each passing day. Good luck x

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I can usually see a visible line on FRERs as the urine moves across them and it usually lasts a few minutes before disappearing. I would suggest testing in later on to see. They have such clear lines where the test line is now, I swear they didn't have these when I used them six years ago

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When I get BFP's on FRER the test line goes bright white as the dye runs across then quickly turns pink...I think similar happens when it's BFN but obviously the line doesnt become pink. I still have my FRER's from when I was pregnant years ago(from the memory box!) and even the faint ones are still very visible. I had an awful false positive on a Boots test once (You can find the thread in here somewhere) where it literally showed up pink, stayed there for a few minutes - long enough to get a pic - then completely disappeared and I wasn't pregnant! I sometimes think life would be so much easier if pregnancy tests weren't available!

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