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Canít believe Iím posting here.. help!

So as you can see from my signature I have 3 girls (6 years tomorrow, just turned 4, and my youngest just turned 1 in October)

Iím not keen on the pill as turn into a spotty, emotional, bloated teenager, so not overly keen on any hormone type things, have been using Fertility Friend to track ovulation and try to prevent pregnancy, my cycles have been abit crazy as Iím still BFing my 1 year old, my AF came back when she was around 11 months and have had 3 cycles since then.

So... today Iíve realised how hot and faint Iíve been feeling the last few days, last time I felt like this I got a early with my last baby, (around 9/10dpo)

So have taken a cheapy , mid afternoon wee fairly diluted.. what we thinking ladies? Will update with w FRER and digi when I pop to the shop!

Thanks for listening to my crazy mad moment! Heart is in my throat right now!! Xx

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That looks positive. Congrats

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Yeah there's no way that's not positive! Congrats!

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I'd say that's definitely positive. I had wacky cycles and tried to track to avoid pregnancy and now I have an almost 4 year old. Good luck with your other tests!

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Certainly looks bfp to me! Tracking fertility isnt really an accurate way to avoid pregnancy as you can be fertile 5 days before you ovulate, before you even have any signs of it. I have a 6 year old to show for that method 😁

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That definitely looks positive to me!

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BFP! Congratulations!

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Definitely positive! congratulations!

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Definitely looking positive to me! X

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