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Thinking of you

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Originally Posted by MinnieMcMoose View Post
Thanks all.
Starting to get crampy now. Still feel nauseous tho. How cruel is mother nature to make women go through this whilst still having morning sickness at the same time?

Obviosuly I'm gutted but I'm trying to look at the positive in this. We've proved again that we can do it on our own. We were just about to start IVF so I guess we'll delay that now and see if we can do it again. Hopefully won't take 6 years to catch again. I'm sure I've heard you're superfertile after a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy. Anyone know anything about that?
First off I am so Sorry and sending you big and fingers crossed for the next egg! As far as being super fertile after miscarriage or cp this is true my ob says most women will spontaneously ovulate after either cp or mc but it sometimes happens while you're still bleeding so most women miss it but this pregnancy and my 4th were conceived with a spontaneous ovulation so be sure to bd as much as you feel comfortable with and who knows you could do it to! With my fourth I went for me 4 week after mc checkup and found out I was expecting! It was so crazy!

Good luck honey and that's fantastic rust you now know you can conceive on your own that has to be a little bit of relief!!!

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Oh no, so sorry minnie, i hope you can catch that special egg soon!! sending you big hugs

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