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Someone Please Help Me!

So, for a while now Iíve been debating wether or not Iím pregnant. (So please bare with me this is going to be long and i apologize for my terrible grammar) Iíve been experiencing nausea (with no vomiting) when i eat certain foods Im either 100% fine or Iím going to the bathroom 2-4 times within a few hours and Iíll also get the worst pains on my left side or my right side (sometimes it will hurt at the same time) or Iíll get pain in my pelvic area. Once in awhile Iíll get a random pain in my lower stomach and then Iíll get a shooting pain in my vagina (weird i know) Iíll also get very fatigued (sometimes when I eat) tired more than usual, Iíll get headaches here and there, dizziness, donít get me started on my breasts theyíve grown about 2 cup sizes already and theyíre sore a good portion of the time (this is also a bit tmi but sometimes i noticed Iíll get these little white bumps on my nipples which Iíve never in my life have seen before.) im breaking out more than usual which sucks i usually donít break out that much but itís been happening more often. Also When it comes to my period Iím very irregular (which also sucks) in the beginning i was taking pregnancy tests like crazy although everyone said not to and to wait but they kept coming out negative and because of the excruciating pains i mentioned i was going in and out of the hospital but they didnt know how to help whatsoever my blood work and ultrasound came back negative. After awhile i took a test and it came out positive! (Which was in January) i took a test a few days ago and the test came out positve but the line was very faint but it was there.

Again i know this is so much but i have nobody to talk to about this and really could use advice/help .

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Iíd go and see your doctor now your getting positives and see if theyíll investigate. Good luck.

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I would echo the above advice, you really have to be checked out properly. I would suggest asking for a beta first off, as you'll know for certain if there's hCG in your blood and how much. If there's a reading above 5 then they'll have to repeat it to see if it doubles after a couple of days and go from there.
The pain you're in is a little concerning, although it isn't unheard of if early pregnancy to have pain which isn't due to anything awful, but it really is best to have things checked out

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