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Mum (Mom)
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Im going crazy...

Im having the worst luck.
Im currently 11/ 12 dpo and tested the past few days. All my tests have had faint lines just not dark. I bougjt a different brand and what the actual f is that!
Never happened before it was glowing white from the second the pee touched it.

My test this morning had a faint pink line but the line has since vanished now that its dry.....

Here are both tests.... wanted to show that the white line can up right away.... the test hadnt even dried... its actually still wet
I give up this time i think lol

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Mum (Mom)
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I see the white line on the Boots (?) test you're talking about, I would disregard it. I can see something faint on the top second photo and possibly on the FRER, but they are awful for indents so I would retest in a day or two

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Mum (Mom)
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I see the line on the top tests of the second and third pic. I caution against taking pictures before 2-3m/the test has run completely. The day will catch on the antibody strip giving false hope. Unfortunately, when I tweak the lines I see i’m Not pulling any color so i’d Lean indent which would explain why they wouldn’t last/disappear but fxed! You are not out until the witch shows

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The white line is where it would turn pink if positive. I've had tests do that and I wasn't pregnant . I see a squinter on frer. But could be indent I see no color. Good luck

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I see a line one on the second top pic and in the frer as well I see a vfl not sure of the color

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