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help- did someone experienced this?

I'm 35 years old, not trying to conceive however a bit relaxed about not using condom and putting one when my partner is near orgasm... and for months i had a persistent mild pain below umbilicus but to left side...i strongly believed was my left ovary (however during the menstrual period it relieved and then usually would came back again)..but through these months of semi unprotected sex and mild left pain, my period has been extremely regular. every month day 1. however last month may, i though it was a good idea to check if everything is ok..blood work fine, at ultrasound ovaries uterus normal, no ovarian cysts but there is something irregular (not tumoral according to doctor on the left side outside the ovary and uterus. on vaginal palpation he thought could be a salpingitis. prescribed doxycicline and mild pain killer…..however during this month, i dont know if it is stress because i am very anxious i am experiencing these symptoms:...missed period..should have appeared day 01 of june, oily hair and swollen breasts, a little bigger, but not painful, initial of faint complains was 3 before the missed period, and feeling super hot but temperature back to normal,.. but today i noticed something strange a lot of abundant like water discharge...i did a pregnancy test in the middle of the this week..4 days of missed period (on the 4th day) should appear but at night. and pregnancy test is negative. I know that was better in morning but i thought if i was pregnant with these symptons it would show up no matter what the time of day. I am super worried of other conditions that may mimic pregnancy. can i be imagining this all? please help me. thank you.

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