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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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That line is no indent. That is a BFP. Are you full on bleeding or just spotting? Hopefully it stops and is just part of the implantation.

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I bled pretty heavily for two days , yesterday was lighter and today just brown spotting so far .
If it was a BFP I think it would have been a chemical loss.
The bleeding was red and even had clots which I normally don’t see.
I’m kind of hoping we have a “surprise “ before his appointment.
It’s tough because he agreed to have three but then that would be it and I wanted a third so I agreed.
We have three boys so the thought of a girl is still there for me and I also don’t feel in my heart that I’m done with pregnancy and experiencing a newborn etc

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I’ve got everything crossed for you and prayers headed up, hope you get your surprise or some peace before the appointment!!

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