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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Originally Posted by Flueky88 View Post
I wouldn't take a cb digi. I had a faint but very clear bfp on frer and got not pregnant. That line wasnt a squinter.

I've heard the fr digi is the most sensitive digi.
Ah bummer, Flukey88, I didnít see your post before I bought the CB digi pack of two I tested with that yesterday afternoon - big surprise, BFN. I was convinced I wasnít so had a glass of red wine with dinner to make myself feel better. Then last night I had weird dull cramps, was constipated after having a bout of diarrhea (sorry tmi) earlier, & I noticed in the bath my nipples look bigger...
This morning woke up wide awake at 4.45am and couldnít get back to sleep, had a huge wave of nausea for about 30mins later this morning as well as lots of cramps. And weirdly, looked at my nipples and thought they were strangely long! Donít know if Iím deep in symptom spotting mode or what! I went to see the doctor this morning - when I told her about the negative tests she waved it off saying hers said negative and she was 6 weeks pregnant, then said ďI donít trust the sticks!Ē
Iíve got a blood test booked for next Thurs (19th) - she said thatíll be enough time for hcg to show up in HPTs and blood test.
As requested - this I the frer photo from yesterday morning. Taken jusst after I broke it open (seriously, I have a problem!). Faint line, possibly indent, donít know but it was definitely more clear in person. Guess Iíll have to wait patiently (argh) until next week. I do have one frer and one Cb digi left - Iím going to try my hardest to resist POAS!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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The shadow from your ring is making it hard to see anything, do you have another picture without it? Also that's awesome you have a blood test coming up!! I hope it shows that you're pregnant! I feel the same way with the symptom spotting right now.. I'm convinced every little thing means something hahaha.

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