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Months pregnant with neg HPT? Possible?

Is it possible to be months pregnant with no positive HPT? I had my daughter in oct 09 and am still bfing but I did have a period in July and a slight one in August then havent had one since. My periods have always been irregular so I didnt really think anything of it, especially after multiple negative HPTs. NOW though, I feel movement in my lower abdomen. It doesnt feel like those small phantom movements you have right after birth, but more like real kicking! I am going for a blood test tomorrow, but am wondering now. IS it possible to be months pregnant and never show on an HPT? I'm going to feel really crazy if this is all just in my head.

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I've heard it happening on "I didn't know I was pregnant". The woman think their pregnant, but continue to have BFN's and so assume that it's stress delaying a period. And then VIOLA! 9 months later they are in labor!

Good luck tomorrow! Hope you get your answer!

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It's possible....but not common. Also, if you've tested + in a previous pregnancy then it's not likely you'd suddenly not get +'s on HPT's in subsequent pregnancies. My best friend had 4 kids and NEVER got a + HPT. Hope you get some answers soon.

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I have heard that there are rare cases where it does not show up in the urine. But I don't know from personal experience. I think that whatever you are going through does sound really strange, and I'll be interested to see what you find out from the doctor!

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I'd say no. You will almost always get a positive at some point in your pregnancy. It is a rare woman who won't get a positive test at some point. Most of the women you see on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant,' have tested too soon after implantation which is why they get negatives, and then most don't test again.

There are some women who will never get a positive for some hormonal/metabolic reason. But if you've tested positive before on home tests, then you will test positive again in future pregnancies.

As for the 'kicking,' I delivered in August and there are still times when I get that. It is nothing more than a muscle spasming, and yes, it can happen often, especially after childbirth as organs/tissues etc are settling back into place. They feel exactly like movements/kicks, but they aren't.

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Heck, Haley is almost 5 months old and I still feel her "kicking" lol It still kind of freaks me out especially when I'm holding her and I feel those spasms!

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I agree I still feel "movement" I have ever since my first and it feels just like a baby if kicking me! It's so weird!

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The answer is YES. In my experiance volunteering at a pregnancy center for a year and a half. We had Many women testing negative when they were really 4 months pregnant. Alot of NEVER got a
positive urine test ever!! So in my experiance. It is more common than people would think! let us know how it goes Hun!

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My son is nearly 4 and I still get that 'movement' 'kicking' feeling and I wonder if every women can feel that anyway but you don't notice until you have had a baby and have something to compare that feeling to?! I dunno all I no is it once got pretty bad for me and I thought god what if I'm pregnant!! But I had the implant in and didn't have periods with that anyway but I tested and it was negative and its been over a year now so I was defo not pregnant, good luck tho hun xx

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Would HPT come back negative once the placenta takes over the all the hormone production I wonder? I've never done a HPT beyond when I missed I period. Just wondering if you tested early, or after the 12 week pregnancy mark? I think there is always a chance you could be pregnant from what you say.

Hope the blood tests can give you some much needed answers!

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