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peeing on frer stick vs dipping in urine cup

ok well ive been peeing a cup dipping the stick for 5 seconds. got a extremely faint bfp 3 days ago and had made a post about it. got negatives after that until now i was reading the boards, feeling so sick with my pregnancy symptoms i said let me try again, peed on the stick for 5 secs and got an immediate FAINT BFP. it showed up before the control line even showed and its darker than it was 3 days ago. whats going on? what could of caused negatives with fmu for 2 days now an even darker bfp than 3 days ago when i pee ON THE STICK? i know it does get alott more saturated when i pee ON THE STICK instead of dipping it

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on all the tests ive taken, it says dip it for 10secs so maybe your not dipping it for long enough? x

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I always dip... and i dip until i start to see the wee soakin up in the window.

I cant do mid-stream, ive got a terrible aim and end up peeing all over myself

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When you pee directy on a Frer the dye moves over the window faster, thats pretty much the only difference between the two so it shouldn't change the result.
Also, I have the instructions for a Frer in my bathroom and the dipping time is 5 secs.

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On tests you should dip for 20 seconds, pee directly for 5 seconds.

Post your pics, if you have lines your preggo hun, try a digi to, I always dip a digi in a cup for 20 secs, wouldnt want to waste one, their too expensive!


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I always got darker lines on FRER when I dipped them.

One thing I've heard is that if you oversaturate the lines will be fainter? That doesn't line up with what you are experiencing but it was true for me. . .

FX for you!

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