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Are the Wondfo tests pretty accurate if they are BFN?

I took a Clear Blue Easy on Tuesday and got a faint thin line that came up right away, but I realize how that doesn't mean much with them.

Then yesterday I got what looked like a line on a Dollar Tree, posted it here, most could see it, but when I took it apart, it really didn't look like there was a line anymore, so I guess it was just a shadow or something, but it looked pink

But anyways, all I have left is these Wondfo tests that I got when I ordered their OPKs. Wasn't really a fan of the OPKs but they did work.

So I'm 11 dpo today, BFN on the Wondfo. I know some people get evaps with them so have to be careful, but are the BFNs fairly accurate?

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I'm not sure about wondfo ones, but I have some IC from early-pregnancy-tests...and they keep coming up BFN, though both FRER and Clear Blue have come up I'm not sure I trust my IC anymore!

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Mum (Mom)
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Clear blue is a brand I do not trust at all! I've gotten my hopes up one too many times with them, and it's so sad. Nice fat blue 2nd line....not preggo though

As for the dollar store brand, I haven't had any problems with them. If you had a second line, but it went away, it was prob not dry yet? A true second line positive will not fade, or disappear.

As for Wondfo, I'm beginning to wonder myself. I have them right now, but I haven't received a BFP on 1 yet, so I have nothing to compare to, however a lot of people use them and love them.

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