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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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14 DPO , still negative test ????

Today is my 14DPO...I am supposed to get my period Period and Negative pregnancy test :-/// ...Anybody in the same situation??? Helppp

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which test did you use? did you use first morning urine?

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Do you know for certain when you ov'd? I got a bfn with my first the day I thought my period should have been due, and a week later still no FA, so tested again and got a bfp. When I had my scan they moved my due date back, so I must have ov'd and implanted later than I thought. Give it a couple of days and try again. Fingers crossed for your bfp!

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i am right there with you! I had my iui on april 23rd. and the dr said to test today which according to my calculations would be 14 dpo. nothing but a big fat bfn!

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Im 13 dpo, im either 2 days or 8 days late. Im quite irregular.
Having all these symptoms but bfn!
Though i had a smidgen of a line on an IC but starting to think I was seeing things.

I haven't tested since 9dpo. so i'm really tempted to test again today if i can hold my wee long enough. But all I got is these crappy IC's Dont think I trust them very much x

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aww id wait a few dasy n try agin hunni x

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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just wondering how this turned out... i am 14 or 15 dpo right now and got a neg test this morning.... i have been crampy, and lots of cm( usually dry) tmi sorry lol.... but i cant help but think i am pregnant this time... i have been trying to conceive for 7 years i have pcos and have been using progesterone cream... please let me know how this turned out

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