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Take something like a book or some magazines for afterwards - I was in just one night, but was unable to sleep due to the ward being so hot & noisy & really wish I'd had something to keep me occupied.
Also some snacks for afterwards too - I got to the ward after dinner time, and so was not given a meal from the time I got there (just before 7pm) to the next morning (8am)!!!

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I dont know about anyone else but Im having trouble fitting everything into 2 bags! I have a big holdall for all my stuff and a seperate changing bag full of babys stuff....running out of space!!!
They are gonna think im moving in when I land

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I got a really good pregnancy/weekend bag from Boots, I think they still sell it (I bought it online). It's black and neat looking, it has pockets and a mesh part and some little clips to hold your clothes in and keep everything neat. I got it because I knew we'd want a bag afterwards for going to stay at my mums etc, we still use it now and it's good quality.

Can't find my exact one, but I think this might be it.. can't tell as no pic.. doh

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lmao i got a big handbag with all my bits and a few bits for baby as i only live 5 mins away from the hospital , my other half can bring the rest up or get some one to bring babys bag up lol

Knowing me ill end up bringing both bags up looking like im ready to move in there lool

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Old Feb 17th, 2009, 03:24 AM   15
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What about a card and gift for the midwife, mine was fab when I had my daughter staying well beyond her shift time just so that I had continuity. My hubby had to dash out and get a thank you card and some chocs just before I left. I'll take something with me this time.

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Old Feb 18th, 2009, 05:19 AM   16
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Thats a great idea hun xxx

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Ive packed mine

Only to get a small pressie for my son from the baby so he doesnt feel left out

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Something a friend of mine suggested was a journal to keep track of everything going on as she doesnt remember much from the labour, so to have something to look back on and read about what you were feeling, when you got meds, etc might be nice later on in life.

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Old Feb 22nd, 2009, 13:50 PM   19
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Camera Lots of room on your card for lots of pictures! Batteries
Nipple cream helped me. My 1st baby my boobs were sore the next day.

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Contact lenses or spare glasses (if you need them) When i had my son i went into hospital in the middle of the night without either and i didn't get a decent look at my baby till OH had beem home and come back and by that time my son was 15 hours old. So, i have spare lenses on my hospital bag list this time lol xx

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