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dreading uni

today as we have a fieldtrip. I was at one last week and we are at the same place again. The thing is its an hrs bus journey and i was nearly wetting myself last time. It was soooo embrassing as the bus driver had to take a detour off the motorway to make a stop for me. I think its all the rocking of the bus. I really thought i wasnt going to make it. I have another trip in 2 weeks and i dont know if i will make it. What if i pee all over the floor Honsenstly i would die off

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Normal at 35 weeks.
Baby is putting a lot of pressure on your bladder right now.
I currently feel like I have to pee all the time, but only trickle a bit. Kind of gets annoying.

You could invest in pregnancy diapers or depends. They will stop you from having an accident.

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