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Is there a difference between bloody show and the mucus plug?

Are they the same thing or different?
I keep hearing yes/and no answers.
At my last prenatal (last wednesday 36.2 days along) she did an internal and said I was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced. well the next day I THINK I lost my mucus plug... It was a big glob about the width of a pinky finger and 4" long tinged with red and pink. Then for about 4 days after I was losing brown globs, and now for the past day or two I'm losing small green globs (not sure if this is the mucus plug or not)

What is the difference between bloody show and the mucus plug? Or are they the same thing? How soon does it happen before labor?

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It's the same thing hun
Like 'ruptured membranes' and 'waters breaking'
Some peoples is bloody, others aren't, so it's more commonly referred to as mucus plug.

Does sound like you've lost your plug though, congrats!
Hopefully things will start moving for you soon x

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For me I began losing blobs of mucus a week or so before labor. (plug)

The bloody show in my case was seriously bloody! It was mainly blood with some mucus in it, and labor started along with it

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