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Can you leak amniotic fluid with a closed cervix?

So I had an ultrasound yesterday and found out that my fluids are low. So they sent me upstairs for a stress test and found out that I'm having contractions. But I'm not dilated at all. I've been reading that amniotic fluid smells sweet, and I've noticed for a couple days now that my pee smells weird.

But my doctor didn't say anything about me leaking or why my fluids are low, so I have no clue. Can you leak with a closed cervix?

Did anyone get contractions and weren't dilated and how long did it take you to dilate?

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With my second baby I started leaking at 30 weeks and it showed up on the scan that my fluids were low. I dont remember them mentioning that my cervix was open when they examined me so I'm guessing it wasn't. I guess it wouldnt have to be open very much though to leak fluid though so maybe it was open enough to leak but not enough to feel xx

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Yes you can leak through a 'closed' cervix because all that means is that it's not labouring or actively dilating. Hope all goes well hun x

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