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Watery Discharge At 38 Weeks?

Sorry for the TMI but I felt really wet so I checked my undies. The front portion was wet (no ammonia smell) with a tiny bit of mucus. I'm thinking I lost a portion of my mucus plug? The last time I leaked like this I went to the L&D thinking my waters had ruptured but they sent me home saying it wasn't amniotic fluid.

Anyone else have watery discharge?

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im getting the same thing! i keep feeling wet and have a lot of discharge im only 36 weeks and freaking out

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if its your water you will know. i was told to do the dry pad test. dry off all the way with a towel REALLY good. put on a pad and fresh panties and lay down, then walk around the house, lay down again... do that for a little bit. you will feel it gushing out

my water broke sunday afternoon, it was just like i would pee myself every few minutes a little, however after 30 min of a few drops the gushes became more. changed the pad and actually filled it up on the way to the hospital...

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Yes, clear gooey and sometimes runny discharge

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