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Stomach Dropping?

Yesterday I have noticed that my stomach has dropped.. I use to carry really high, and now all of a sudden its dropped alot.. Im only 33 weeks, and I was wondering if thats too early for this to happen..Ive had slight pelvic pains once or twice the other day but I thought that it was just baby moving..My ultrasound last week had showed that the baby has turned and the head is down.. Im getting sort of nervous because everyone keeps telling me that im going to go into Labor soon. That usually when the belly drops it means its just around the corner?.. I wouldnt know as this is my first pregnancy..

I had a doctors appointment Thursday and my doctor was concerned because all of a sudden my blood pressure was boarder line high and usually its always perfect... She kept asking me questions like if I had any pains or head aches etc... and she didnt tell me why she was asking such questions all of a sudden..

Another question I have is... If I were to go into Labor soon, would my baby be healthy at 33- 34 weeks?...Thats like my main concern ,personally I think thats really early for baby to come...

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Not sure how long after you drop that labour starts, although if you did go into labour, that is a little early. I think your baby would just be placed into special care at the hospital and would have to stay there for a bit. That's what happened to my friend and the baby was in the hospital for a week or so. But try to stay positive. If there are any signs that labour is on its way, call your doc. I hope everything works out for you. xoxo.

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Dont worry about going into labour early.
My daughter (first pregnancy) went head down my 32 weeks and was 3/5ths engaged and i still went over and had to be induced at 42 weeks!!!
I think it happens whenever babies ready !
Your baby may even turn back up

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