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36 weeks pink tinged mucous-What to do?

Hi ladies!

I haven't been on in awhile as I became obsessed always thinking something was wrong (first timer!) and promised my DH I would stay away from the message boards hehe! But I was wondering if anyone else had this happen.

On Saturday (two days ago) When I wiped I had some discharge (sorry, TMI!) which is not uncommon for me, however it is usually clear or cloudy. This time is was a bit pink tinged. Later on I had more and it was the same, pink and a little brown. It wasn't a TON so I don't think it was the MP, although I did check the toilet each time for the MP! But since then I haven't had any.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I didn't call my doctor because I felt fine, wasn't having contractions, and baby has been moving. I go Wednesday for my 37 week US and weekly checkup.


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