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I was at a 3cm by 36weeks with both my first kids. I was 5cm and 80% effaced with my 2nd and went in to the hospital 2 days later as a joke because I knew they would keep me and within 2 hours of being there with no contractions on the monitors I was 7cm! They broke my water and he was here in less than 2hours.

my babies like to sit nice and low and I guess the pressure just makes it happen, I'm not sure. I feel lots of low pressure and I assume it has something to do with it

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I was 4cm but thick for 2-3 weeks i only started to thin out in labour.

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So everyone is different... thats the problem with this pregnancy malkarky, you can't predict anything.

The last two days I have felt tiny little twinges I think in my cervix or that sort of area, I am only 31 weeks, but wondered if it could be things getting ready...

I have an appointment next week, so maybe my midwife will check then.

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