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TURN BABY TURN!! moxibustion for transverse baby?


My baby has been trans throughout the entire preganacy. She'll change side, so she'll stick her cute little bottom out to my left, turn go straight past my cervix, and then stick her cute little bottom out to my right

At my 34 week apt my MW said that if she hasnt turned by 36 weeks then they'll try to manually turn her which has it's own and if that doesnt work then I'll have to have a c section. She also explained that the turning procedure can cause your platenta to abrupt so that in inself could cause an emergency c section

Obviously this is all worse case but she has been trans for so long now and she's a very long baby, I'm giving up hope. I know they can turn at any moment too.

My last resort is moxibustion, has anyone had this and has it worked? I've spoken to a few ladies who have had it and 1 of their babies turned back to trans again!? GAH

Just looking for advice really... thanks in advance

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