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Speculum torture device - painful or just me?

I ended up at the hospital this evening. I had some increased discharge, a bit of brown spotting and some cramping in my pelvic area. Everything seems to be fine (though, I will have an ultrasound tomorrow just to be sure). What worried me the most was the ABSOLUTE PAIN that I felt by the speculum when the doctor was taking a swab sample. I recall some discomfort when I had this done previously, but this was so INTENSE, I started to cry. Anybody else have this? Am I just more sensitive down there because I'm pregnant?

And of course this leads me to....HOW AM I GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE BIRTH IF I CAN'T HANDLE A SIMPLE SWAB TEST? Surely giving birth is more painful than having a speculum inserted. Starting to panic now...

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I haven't had any checks so I'm afraid I can't give any advice on that but I would imagine that if you were worried about what was happening then you could have been tense and this would make the insertion more painful, similar if you go for a smear and you're lower body is tense. Remember its not a pleasant experience so this could have been the reason behind the pain; don't worry about birth, you'll have pain relief (if you accept it) and you'll be conscious of the reasons behind the pain to "get on with it" so to speak.


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I'm not a big fan of the speculum either, it's rather uncomfortable. Didn't like the swab at all, in fact, I cringed and went 'Ow ow ow...'

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I hate speculum exams, really am not comfortable with them at all. I've only had one whilst pregnant but I thought that reallllllllly hurt!!
Don't compare or worry about the pain meaning you won't cope in labour, totally different pain, pain relief is available if you choose it, and you will get through!!xx

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I had to have one at 27 weeks and had the same reaction as you described. It was bloody awful! All I thought was at least with labour your working towards your baby in your arms. X

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I thought this was my post showing back up. I went to the labor n delivery. A few weeks ago n they did the speculum n I cried to it hurt so frigging bad. I've had them before and at my first preggers appointment. And they did not hurt as bad. I told the nurse if I can't handle a simple speculum check how the hell am I going to be able to get baby out of there? And I've had two bag births before us think it wouldn't hurt as bad. But it sure did

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Is that the name of the thing they pop inside to ... "hold you open" *cringe*. It's been a while since I've had that done but there was an awkward moment when it fell out. The swab however felt horrible, like a little scratch inside. Not nice.

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i had this done and yes it hurt but midwife said I wasnt relaxed enough!! I said if I cant cope with this how on earth am I going to bring my baby into the world and she said its different because you get something at the end of it

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I had this at 21weeks due to small amount of spotting.
I thought I was going to wet myself the pressure was that intense. I thought the same as you how on earth am I going to manage.
I see it as, you are more likley to feel tense if someone who you dont know is coming at you with a plastic whatever it is. Making it hurt more no matter how many times they say, breath! lol
I like to think it will feel more natural to push something out rather than something being pushed in, in a non sexy way lol.
Bare in mind you are 10cm dilated when it happens so it gives you a bit of a head start te he and you will just want to see your baby

You will do great, dont worry!

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