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Holey Moley I'm Having A BABY!

well the travel system is assembled, moses basket ready and waiting and its really dawning on me today i'm having a baby, you would think after 36 weeks of pregnancy and 4 scans that i would have figured that by now but its still a shock seeing all the baby stuff just waiting to be used! anyone else still getting these moments even this far down the line xxx

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Oh yes!!!

Sometimes even when he just has one of his wiggles in my belly, i think, cor blimey, there is really a living person inside there!!!!!

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I still don't believe it lol xx

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I was thinking the exact same thing this weekend! I can't believe that I will have a baby in a few months. I don't think it's sunk in yet - even after all the scans etc! I can feel her kick and tickle her bum when it's sticking out of my tum but still... can't believe it! I think it's partly because I've not bought any of the major items yet. No pram/travel system, no moses basket... no where for her to sleep yet ... nothing. It might all become real when I finish work and get round to sorting out the big purchases.

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I'm just getting used to it, OH on the other hand saw my stomach wriggle really bad the other night and he was like.....WOWWWW!!! My lil boy in there ent he?
Er...Yes love, he has been for 34 n half weeks

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I had a massive panic about this just last week! We were talking about breastfeeding etc at my last antenatal class and it suddenly dawned on me that the baby is coming and when (s)he does, they're not going anywhere!

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I still don't believe it. The furnitures coming for the nursery on friday, think it will hit me once thats all up and i have to put his stuff away!

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