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Measuring large for dates, so had my 4Dgrowth scan @ 30wks

I've been measuring 2 weeks above my growth chart for the last 3 midwife appts so I was booked for a growth scan in 2 weeks but my OH would have been away so we booked privately to have the scan in 4D. it was amazing and the baby was in a great position to see her cute little face!

All was perfect , I just have more fluid than normal hence my big measurements. Here's baby.......

Swearing Baby!

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miss cakes
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wow thats so clear! what a great pic x

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What a great pic

Growth scans are renowned for being off! I was told with DD to expect a large baby (9-10lbs), and was very surprised when she popped out a tiny 5.5lbs at full term!

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caz & bob
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awww so cute i go for a 3d/4d one tuesday i cant wait x x

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