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Narrow birth canal??

My consultant has said that i have a very narrow birth i asked her if this would cause a problem and mean i'd end up havin a c-section, but she said i should be fine... I'm confused! Woulda thought baby would get stuck lol x

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Depends how big the baby is and how much you wanna push I guess?

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Don't think they would know if it would be a problem until your actually there so imagine IF you need a c-section it will be emergency. Maybe talk to consultant again and ask if its something you shoudl prepare yourself for as a maybe?

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they probably told u so that u would know that there was a good possibility that baby couldnt get through it=--- my mom had to get a c-section on me and my siblings b/c of that --- she was in labor with me for a day and a half cause it wouldnt seperate until they had to do the c-section ---i've already been told that i should be able to have mine naturally so it may not be hereditary but its still possible id check and see with ur family members and see if they had that issue ---good luck!!! enjoy ur last few days

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