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Funny/embarrassing Birth/Labour stories

I needed cheering up as having a very emotional day of crying so found this and haven't laugh so hard in weeks.

Thought I'd share on here as I'm sure there's loads of us in the 3rd Tri who could do with a giggle!!

funny/ embarrasing labour stories

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Those are great!

My home birth turned into a hospital transfer. I was already pushing so I was laying naked & yelling on my bed spread open, when 2 gorgeous young male paramedics came in OH DEAR, and yet even though I was pushing out a baby, all I could think about was "geez I should have shaved if I had known these guys were coming...."

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I always have a lol when I think of my labour with my last 2 pregnancies, with my one son I was in the labour room and felt like I needed a number 2 , so I went to the loo and was sitting there pushing and pushing and nothing wad coming, But I felt I could feel something else coming so I put my hand down there and I could feel the head ! I managed to get off the loo an waddle back to the labour room, pulled myself onto the bed and told fob to call the midwife, I said "it's coming " ! An fob says "how do you know" ? .. I shout "get the midwife" !!! Lol he ran out the room and returned seconds later with the midwife , I had my son within a few minutes, and the same senario with my second son, I told him get the midwife, he again asks how do you know ? Lol .. Men !!

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