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funny looking boobs

My boobs have gone all funny looking........ i was a reasonable size to start off with, 32 DD, size 8 -10.... they didn't do much growing at all during the first and second tri but have just stared to sprout.... well one has just started too.... the other isn't bothering to grow at all!!! God dam it!!!! Plus they seem to have drooped with my nipples seeming lower down. I actually quite liked my boobs before i was pregnant - not any more tho.

Not that any one can do any thing mind - just fancied a bit of a moan.

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you have my sympathies. I went from a pert 30B to a not so pert (at all!!!) 32DD with my first and am now a 32 E already so I dont stand much chance. Used to hardly ever wear a bra and wouldnt be caught dead without one now and nothing goes the way it used too..its all gone a bit southwards! Invest in a wonderbra when you finnish breastfeeding/if you arent brestfeeding, least then they give the appearance of still being pert !!!

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My boobs look like something from national geographic! LMAO. Its so gross, I hate my boobs these days. I knew that they got bigger, but I didn't know your nipples grew as well....YUCK!!! Mine look horrible.

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I sympathise, my boobs weren't small before (34dd) but at a 34F they don't look all nice and firm as they did when they really hurt at the beginning - plus my nipples are HUGE! baby is going to have no problems at all finding its food!! lol. and yep mine seem to be more south than they used to be, have to lift them up to check them (see if they're leaking ,etc!) Fun huh?!?

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